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Experience Stunning Elegance with Our Digital Invitation




Step into a world of everlasting charm with our Wedding Digital Invitation. This enchanting invite begins with a golden theme and an image of Lord Ganesha, accompanied by their Mantra. As you explore further, you’ll be captivated by colorful themes, bokeh, and sparkling effects that adorn each slide.

  • Standard package includes Opening Slide, Wedding Slide, and RSVP Slide.
  • ✅ Option for additional event slides.
  • ✅ Add extra details to each slide, including custom/generic caricatures, Names, Date, Address, and music choice.
  • ✅ Option to remove video branding.


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Unveil the allure of timeless elegance with our extraordinary Digital Invitation. This digital masterpiece embarks on a journey of sophistication and reverence, commencing with a resplendent golden theme and an image of Lord Ganesha, accompanied by their divine Mantra.

As you delve deeper into this digital marvel, prepare to be entranced by a symphony of colors, each theme unveiling itself with grace and artistry. The captivating bokeh and sparkling effects that adorn every slide make this invitation a true work of art, deserving of your special day.

Adding to the grandeur of this classy wedding E-card are animated peacocks, elephants, and baaje, which come to life in a dance of beauty and celebration. Their presence is a testament to the opulence and richness of your impending union.

Our Digital Invitation is not just an invitation; it’s an experience, a journey through time and tradition, delivered in a modern and stylish format. Share it effortlessly with your guests and watch as they become captivated by the magic it brings.



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  • Our custom design charges are ₹ 2000 / hr
  • Click below to book a ₹499 consultation for wedding invites.
  • The consultation fee is credited towards your invite purchase
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Digital Wedding Invitations DO NOT have any associated shipping fee, as they are delivered digitally.

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